FROM TOO SMALL TO CARE TO TOO BIG TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT – The farce continues in the People’s Socialist Republic of South Africa:

Victoria’s top cop says people are “looking in the wrong direction” if they expect police to clean up the Melbourne’s gang problem.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, who returned from leave this month to a politically charged debate on a spate of crimes linked to African youths, spoke this morning as a caller to radio station 3AW asked why police could not solve the gangs issue and protect Melburnians scared in their homes.“If you’re looking for police to put it to bed, you’re looking in the wrong direction,” Mr Ashton replied.“We’re locking ‘em up as many as we can … We’re responding more quickly than we’ve ever responded, we’re making more arrests than we’ve ever made in total so we’re doing plenty about it but you’re talking about bigger social issues than police (can) solve.“Generally the social conditions that we’ve got out there are such that young people are out there looking for trouble.”

Maybe Victoria needs to contemplating sending in the army, like Sweden.

This is what happens when you see multiculturalism as a goal and diversity as an end in itself. Why worry? Everything will take care of itself.