YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE THE ACTIVISTS, SO DON’T EVEN TRY, PART i – You think changing the date is going to make a lot of difference?

Invasion Day protesters have been told Australia “does not deserve” a national day, as thousands of people march on state Parliament.

Elder Tony Birch said the country was “not mature enough” to celebrate on any day, not just January 26.

“This country does not deserve a day of national celebration in any capacity,” he said.

Rally organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams said “f*** Australia, hope it burns to the ground”.

Thousands of people have converged on the intersection of Spring St and Collins St to protest against Australia Day, with a heavy police presence on standby in case of violent clashes.

It’s always Melbourne, the capital of the People’s Socialist Republic of South Africa.

The activists don’t hate the date, they hate the country. You can neither negotiate in good faith or accede to demands, because once you do, there is the next from the never ending list of demands, and the next after that.


But today the growing momentum to “change the date” has never been more apparent as huge crowds swell in capital cities across the country.

Tens of thousands of protesters have turned out for the marches in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond, in what appears to be the biggest show of support for the movement seen to date.

Organisers of the Redfern Invasion Day rally said crowds had grown from just 300 in 2015 to thousands today. But it seems not all protesters are on the same page, with some marchers’ collective cries to “make a date we can all celebrate” coming as others assert there will “never be a right date” under the current system of government.

A useful reminder:

F*** the growing momentum.