YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE THE ACTIVISTS, SO DON’T EVEN TRY, PART ii – Then there is the perennial favourite, the flag:

Australia needs to grow up with our flag being the most dual citizen flag on the planet, a campaign group has argued.

Not-for-profit campaign group Ausflag has today revealed its latest design for a new flag and said it was time for Australia to finally break away from our colonial past.

The alternative flag shows a seven-point Commonwealth star, representing the six states and the territories, and the Southern Cross on a dark blue background.

Ausflag executive director Harold Scruby was adamant the time has come to show the world the country has “grown up”.

Mr Scruby said while the country had been last year caught up in the dual citizen debate our flag itself was guilty of the same offence.

“Last year we were caught up in the dual citizenship saga, yet we have the most dual citizen flag on the planet,” he said.

He said the Union Jack represented those of British descent and failed to take into account our indigenous past and all the cultures which now stood under it.

So essentially it’s the current flag with the Union Jack dropped.

Unless the new Australian flag contains “red-and-white” bars, as an Australian of non-British, Polish descent, it won’t represent me.