PLAYING POLITICS WITH IMMIGRATIONFighting the Republicans to the last Latino:

President Trump’s immigration proposal offers a pathway to citizenship for approximately 1.8 million people, most of whom were brought to the United States as minors. Despite the generosity of the president’s immigration proposal to these so-called Dreamers, the far left is committed to continuing nasty, racially divisive rhetoric, with the ACLU tweeting that the proposal is “hateful” and benefits only “white supremacists.” Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez tweeted that the proposal is a “middle finger” to Latin America.

Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, allowed approximately 800,000 individuals to stay, without any path to citizenship, for renewable three-year periods under his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order. If the Trump proposal is a hateful middle finger to Hispanics, presumably Obama’s much narrower order was a violent assault. Yet the far left’s leaders, including Congressman Gutierrez, praised DACA as an “antidote for do-nothingism” and now thinks that Trump’s more robust proposal — replete with a path to citizenship — is a surefire sign of xenophobia.

Such comments imply that the far left’s goal is not finding a workable solution for Dreamers but instead, keeping their base ginned up with hatred toward President Trump. By reflexively crying racism in response to reasonable policy proposals — which would achieve far more than any Democratic president or Congress has ever achieved — the political left undermines its credibility and suggests its goal is sowing racial division, not solving problems. It evinces a preference for “do-nothingism” over good-faith negotiation.

It’s a win-win for the left – nothing happens, you can use the issue as a baseball bat for bashing the right and energising your base; something happens, and you benefit from an influx of new voters while still bashing the right over xenophobia, just because.

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