NOT AS SIMPLE AS ABCThe empire expands:

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie wants its online streaming service, ABC iView to become a global product similar to Netflix with reports it will happen sometime this year.

During a press conference, Guthrie explained, “The intention is not to have a separate international product, the intention is the internationalise all the products that we have.

“In the same way Netflix is global, why aren’t we global? That doesn’t mean it will be 100 per cent of the same content. We actually have a lot more rights than we currently exploit.”

The proper question to ask is why Australia’s “public” broadcaster wants to go global, and why should my taxpayer money go to subsidise and make possible Michelle Guthrie’s dream of Australian Broadcasting Corporation becoming a sort of a (more) left-wing international competitor to Netflix. How is this possibly a job for a government agency?