AIRBNB TROLLING TRUMP – Go and visit a shithole:

Airbnb has unveiled a new ad in advance of Tuesday’s State of the Union address, calling for the United States to ‘open doors, not build walls.’

The ad throws subtle jabs at PresidentĀ Donald TrumpĀ for his recent comments about ‘s***hole’ countries in the Third World.

‘We heard there’s been some expletive-filled interest in these beautiful destinations,’ the ad begins, showing scenes from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa.

‘We also know a few people who would love to show you around,’ the ad says. ‘Let’s open doors, not build walls.’

The ad closes with the message: ‘#weaccept.’

As Glenn Reynolds says, “this strategy [of going to war with Donald Trump] worked out so well for the NFL and the Grammy awards”.

The ad itself is quite cutesy (you can see it at the link above) but needless to say it misses the point, by confusing the debate about immigration with the praises of tourism. I’m a great believer in the value of travel, both as an entertainment and as a mean to see first hand both the beauty and the horror of the world out there, and thus to help us understand better the realities of life outside of our home. But arguably, staying in this little piece of Haitian paradise will not give an average visitor (or an above-average one, considering the cost) any meaningful insight into the past and the present of the Western hemisphere’s poorest country:


Am I cherry-picking? Yes I am. Airbnb has got more than 300 properties listed in Haiti, most of them far less opulent and expensive. By all means, travel to Haiti, and El Salvador, and Africa, but don’t confuse beautiful Instagram holiday snaps with an insight about the best composition of the American (or Australian) immigration program.

(I have written about shitholes before here)