PRICE IS RIGHTGood news from the Northern Territory:

Jacinta Price will bid to enter federal politics at the next election by nominating for the Coalition in an outback seat in the Northern Territory.

She will campaign on a platform of changing Aboriginal land rights, fighting domestic violence and cutting youth crime.Ms Price, the daughter of a Warlpiri woman and a non-Aboriginal man, today confirmed she would seek preselection by the Country Liberal Party to campaign for Lingiari, a seat covering all of the Territory outside Darwin held by Labor’s Warren Snowdon.Ms Price, who recently drew national headlines for her outspoken opposition to moving the date of Australia Day, said that while her views hadn’t changed, there were many more important issues affecting the Territory.“I think that the Aboriginal Land Rights Act needs to be reviewed, definitely,’’ she said.“What’s the point in handing Aboriginal people their land back if they can’t even use it to generate their own income from it — not passive welfare through a royalty system but actual enterprise and business income through creating jobs?“This idea of passive royalty income has gone too far now. It’s another form of welfare; it’s not encouraging people to enter employment.”

As the article mentions, Jacinta has been at the receiving end of some vile abuse the last few weeks for failing to toe the SJW party line regarding Australia Day. But that’s OK – she’s not an Indigenous woman, she’s, apparently, a conservative, so, in effect, a not a “real” Indigenous person and not a “real” woman.

We need more people like Price in politics, and we need them on the right side of politics, precisely because the ideas of liberty and progress need effective advocates who can diminish the left’s stranglehold on (or ownership of) minorities, which have been too often ill served by statist policies. I hope she wins the preselection and the voters of Lingiari send her to Canberra to represent them.