NOTHING TO DO WITH MARX – Judging by this NPR interview with the director Raoul Peck, “Young Karl Marx” (just like “Young Frankenstein” but not funny) is going to be a real piece of hagiography:

Peck: Today, his [Marx’s] analyses are even more urgent and necessary than before.

Sarah McCammon: But hasn’t this been tried before many times? I mean, Marx’s ideas pervaded, for instance, the Soviet Union.

Peck: It did not influence the Soviet Union. Marx and Engels would have probably been the first one to be shot. And that’s why — you know, if you see The Young Karl Marx, you know, they were democrats. They were freethinkers – this incredible monster that was fabricated after the Russian Revolution has nothing to do with their ideas.

The moral of the story is, no matter how deluded you are, you can still find people out there to finance your movie project.

McCammon described the film as a “kind of a bromance movie about Marx and Engels”. When an NPR journalist actually makes more sense than their interviewee, you know you’re in some uncharted territory.