WARNING: OSCARS AHEAD – The night of self-congratulating nights is coming. Prepare for more “courageous political statements”, hypocrisy, and, for a change, no one thanking Harvey Weinstein. Needless to say, the shit-stirring street artist Sabo is at it again:

And so are Plastic Jesus and Joshua “Ginger” Monroe:

A robe-swaddled Harvey Weinstein statue, sitting arms spread on a golden chaise lounge urging pedestrians to sit beside him, appeared in Hollywood on Thursday days before the 90th Academy Awards ceremony.

The sculpture, located on Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, is a collaboration between street artists Plastic Jesus, best known for his annual Oscar season installations that take aim at the dark side of show business, and Joshua “Ginger” Monroe, the artist behind the infamous naked Donald Trump statues.

The piece was intentionally crafted to allow passers-by to sit beside Weinstein and take photos with him. Clenched in Weinstein’s right hand is an Oscar statue, strategically placed near his groin.