MAKE IT RAIN, DEERYour bizarre political story of the day:

Donations of deer semen, one of Texas deer breeders’ most precious commodities, account for more than half of the contributions to a South Texan’s state House campaign.

Ana Lisa Garza, a Starr County district court judge, is challenging Rio Grande City Democrat Ryan Guillen for the District 31 seat he’s held for eight terms.

According to her last campaign finance report, Garza received $36,500 in monetary donations and $51,000 in in-kind donations, which are usually in the form of campaign advertising, polls or food and venue space for events.

In Garza’s case, the contributions were listed as individual donations of deer semen straws from deer breeders.

So many bad jokes about drawing the short straw, liquid assets, or the cumpaign finance reform, and so little time.