PLEASE MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP – Australian politics (or, rather, politician) hits a new low:

Barnaby Joyce is being slammed for comments suggesting he may not be the father of the baby boy he is expecting with partner Vikki Campion.

The National MP and former deputy prime minister said he would raise the baby as his own but is not sure he is the biological father as it is a “grey area”, reports Fairfax…

The 50-year-old said he was physically apart from Ms Campion, 33, for most of the period when the baby would have been conceived. It is believed Ms Campion became pregnant around July or August of last year, a time when she was transferred from Resource Minister Matt Canavan’s office into a newly created social media adviser role for Nationals MP Damian Dunn. She did however return to Mr Joyce’s office for a number of weeks around the time of this transition.

Talk about “who’s your daddy?”

What’s the implication here – that the baby is Miss Campion’s ex-fiance’s or that she has cheated on both of them with an yet unnamed third party? What a way to start a relationship, never mind the future life of the son of a gun. Unless the paternity issue will get cleared in the due course – perhaps as part of a “60 Minutes” special or a reality TV show.