HOLLYWOOD CIRCLE JERK CONTINUES – It’s been decades since I watch the Oscars, probably coinciding with the time when Hollywood still had real stars and kept making – and awarding – movies that anyone actually watched. Not surprisingly, if people aren’t going to watch the movies, they’re not going to watch the show about the creators congratulating themselves about the movies people aren’t going to watch:

Television viewers could barely stifle a yawn for Hollywood’s biggest night, with the Academy Awards plunging to a record-low viewership of 26.5 million people.

The Nielsen company said that’s a 20 percent drop from the 33 million who watched the 2017 show, which was also hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Oscar viewership is often tied to the box office muscle of the big nominees, and best picture winner “The Shape of Water” only grossed $57.4 million in the United States.

It’s the first time the Oscars have drawn fewer than 30 million people, in Nielsen records that go back to 1974. The Academy Awards are often the most-watched television program of the year after the Super Bowl, but this year’s Winter Olympics opening ceremony from Pyeongchang reached 27.8 million.

Hollywood definitely needs to double-down now on hypocrisy and preachiness. Nothing wins back the audiences like rapists and harassers enablers preening themselves about their morality, while pontificating to the plebs about guns from behind the screen of armed bodyguards. And continually dumping shit on half of your audience which doesn’t share your enlightened beliefs and self-beliefs will quicksmart bring ’em back to the theatres.

P.S. Some people on social media are not happy about one of the few deserving winners:

Gary Oldman won Best Actor at the Academy Awards. But for some entertainment fans, the 59-year-old actor’s win marks the “Darkest Hour” of the #metoo era.

Social media users are resurrecting allegations from Oldman’s ex-wife in 2001. The Daily Beast reported that she said Oldman hit her “in the face with the telephone receiver three or four times.” (Oldman has denied these allegations.)

This is terrible: “One Oscar voter anonymously told the Hollywood Reporter: “Gary Oldman was so good that I don’t care if he hit his wife with a telephone.””