HOW MEDIA TRIVIALISES NEWS, PART 836Good news from the Korean peninsula:

The secretive state could also impose a ban on further nuclear and missile tests during talks with the US, South Korean media reports.

The stunning about face followed the first meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean officials since 2011.

It led to claims Kim Jong-un would not use conventional weapons against South Korea and had no reason to possesses nuclear weapons if it has a security guarantee.

The leaders also agreed to establish a “hotline” between the countries to reduce military tensions and will meet for another summit in late April at the border village of Panmunjom.

But this is the media lede for the story:


Because when Trump was asked during the press conference what has led to North Korea taking this new, conciliatory approach, he answered “Me”, and journalists didn’t laugh.

It’s too early to get excited by the new developments up north (as everyone, including Trump, acknowledge); you simply can’t trust totalitarian regimes – lying and changing their mind is their modus operandi. But since politicians cop the criticism when something goes wrong, they inevitably take the credit when something goes right. That’s no joke, that’s reality.

P.S. What’s the bet that if Obama said this, the press corp would be applauding?