HOW MEDIA TRIVIALISES NEWS, PART 837 – Democratic Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, resigns in disgrace and pleads guilty to a charges of theft connected to a 2-year affair with her bodyguard. Again, this is the media takeout:

I mean really, FFS.

In defence of, their article is re-published from Fox News, which opens with this paragraph:

She lost her job as mayor of Nashville, had her rising reputation damaged by a messy two-year affair with her bodyguard and pleaded guilty to theft. But at least Megan Barry has a really good mug shot.

Not in defence of, the Fox News story was at least titled “Nashville mayor who had affair with bodyguard resigns after pleading guilty to criminal theft”.’s is “Former US mayor stuns with a hot mugshot”. 

I know that the existence of a hot mugshot is perhaps more newsworthy for Australian readership than a relatively obscure civic scandal in the United States, but still. Also note: no news organisation would dare to call “hot” the mugshots of young female teachers accused of sex with their underage students. This partly reflects the difference in seriousness of the respective offences, but also presents a media double standard.