“GUN RIGHTS ARE ABOUT KEEPING WHITE MEN ON TOP”– I’ll make you a deal – I’ll stop blogging about guns when you people stop writing such horrendous rubbish about them. Today’s case in point, courtesy of “The Washington Post”:


“Gun violence is rooted in white supremacy. We can’t solve the first without understanding its connection to the second,” opines the founder of “the Activist History Online”.

I’ll leave it to you to go through Wuertenberg’s potted history of how the 2nd Amendment came about because white men needed to keep the guns to themselves to subjugate blacks, Indians and women. It doesn’t actually matter if it’s true or not, because the conclusions he reaches are quite absurd on their own merit:

This lengthy history means that when white men feel disempowered, they are primed to resort to gun violence to reassert their sense of authority. It’s no coincidence that the rate of gun violence, and mass shootings in particular, has risen in tandem with the expansion of rights and representation for people of color and women in recent decades.

Mass shooters have routinely expressed white-supremacist views or motivations. The first mass shooter in U.S. history, Howard Unruh, was known to leave racist notes for his black maid and identified a Jewish pharmacist as his main target, because he claimed the man had overcharged him. The Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, reportedly made racist remarks as they killed a black student. William Atchison, who shot two other students and then himself at a New Mexico high school last year, posted racist comments online for years before his death.

Most recently, the suspected shooter in the Parkland, Fla. school massacre, Nikolas Cruz, was reportedly photographed with a “Make America Great Again” hat. The hat was new. The worldview that put that hat on his head and an AR-15 in his hands is not.

Where does one even start? Nikolas Cruz is a Hispanic, but I guess since he shot up people that qualifies him as an honorary white for the purposes of Wuertenberg’s thesis: a white man who used guns to “reassert [his] sense of identity”. Secondly, correlation doesn’t mean causation, so yes, it can very well be a coincidence – or an indication of other causal relationships – “that the rate of gun violence, and mass shootings in particular, has risen in tandem with the expansion of rights and representation for people of color and women in recent decades.”

Lastly, it’s simply not correct to state that “Mass shooters have routinely expressed white-supremacist views or motivations” unless “routinely” is an euphemism for “almost never”. As I’ve shown before in this handy little table, the recent mass shooters in the United States are either Islamist terrorists or have likely mental issues. Their political beliefs, when known, if anything tend to be on the left. Many of them (half on the list below) are not white, and none of them have any actual associations with conservative politics – or white supremacism for that matter.


Since 2016, of course, we’ve had the worst mass shooting in American history – the Las Vegas massacre – and now the Parkland school shooting, which would place Nikolas Cruz in the top 5 of the worst offenders. Contra Wuertenberg, there is no evidence for the “Cruz as a disempowered white man trying to reassert his sense of authority vis-a-vis women and minorities” narrative. And months later, Stephen Paddock’s motives remain a mystery. Yes, he was white, but he randomly targeted a crowd at a country concert – a genre of music with perhaps the whitest audiences. Which coincidentally brings up another point – if all those mass shooters are supposedly white males trying to reassert their supremacy, why aren’t they specifically shooting the people they feel superior too, i.e. women and racial minorities?

“Demand the Impossible: Truth and Accuracy”.