REVERSE SEXISM AND RACISM DON’T EXIST – This sort of thinking is not new, but is now getting more and more widely accepted:

So, if you discriminate against, exclude, say mean things to and generally are nasty to men and white people you’re not being sexist and racist because well, men and white people deserve it on the account of their privilege and power superiority, and women and other races can be completely excused for lashing out against those people. The rage of the oppressed is righteous and justifiable.

This is the new version of the old “it’s OK to steal from the rich”, which made Robin Hood a folk hero (he was stealing from the government, but that’s another story). Coincidentally, this is what happens when a new generation of Marxists replace class with gender and race as the new battle line of society. Today, Robyn Hood would be riding around Nottingham and slapping the sheriff around for being male and white.

As I wrote recently, for the activists it’s not about equality and equity but revenge and swapping places between the oppressors and the oppressed.