T’S REX GOES EXTINCT – AND IT’S ALL RUSSIA’S FAULT – “The Apprentice: The White House” season 1 continues, with another senior Administration official fired through a tweet.

Some supposedly intelligent people see the reds under the beds:

Lawrence Tribe is a Harvard professor who thinks that Putin somehow has got a direct line to the Oval Office and calls Trump to instruct him who to hire and fire. Apparently, this time Vlad the Implorer has not done his homework, since Rex Tillerson’s replacement as the Secretary of State, ex-CIA chief Mike Pompeo, is as much a Russia hawk as they get. Trump no doubt should expect another phonecall soon to fix that mistake.

P.S. Tribe is far from the only one who has once maintained that Tillerson’s appointment is proof of Russian collusion and now claims that Tillerson’s firing is proof of Russian collusion too.