THE GIRL WITH A PEARL EARING – You can take a woman out of a grievance, but you can’t take a grievance out of a woman. The former Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs just keeps on keeping on, most recently at an International Women’s Day event in Melbourne:

We’ve absorbed the values of a male-dominated world, but we’re yet to receive the benefits. I think we’ve played by the rules far too long. I’ve worn the pearl earrings and the snappy jackets. I’ve done everything that was required, but it isn’t breaking the cycle of disempowerment and poverty that traps so many women. I think it’s time we rethought some of these rules, rather than play by the rules.

1.Triggs received plenty of benefits, including $417,800 a year for five years, so $2 million for her stint as the President.

2. Not sure how Triggs wearing “the pearl earrings and the snappy jackets” was supposed to break “the cycle of disempowerment and poverty that traps so many women”. Is it meant to be some sort of a magic ritual – “if you wear it, they will come (into money)”?

3. Women who wear pearl earrings and snappy jackets can be reasonably safely assumed to be neither poor nor disempowered. So the attire seems to be working.

4. When reading my copy of “The Male’s Short Guide to the Male-Dominated World” that all of us males are required to read and memorise by our 18th birthday, I must have missed that provision, which says that in order to succeed in a world dominated by me women have to dress according to specifications contained in Schedule 15C.

5. However, it is a general rule that applies to both genders that if you want to succeed in life you dress for success. This is why men wear expensive suits and Swiss watches.

6. Looking forward to seeing what Triggs will wear once she rethinks the rules.

7. No, I’m really not.