BABY, IT’S COLD WAR OUTSIDE – It’s one of the encouraging signs over the last year or two that the media and the opinion-making classes are finally waking up to the realisation that Russia and China are not our friends (even if for the American left it took the threat not to their country but to their own electoral fortunes to veer sharply into the new McCarthyism). Hence more and more prominent stories like this:


Hint: It starts with a C.

This is not an enjoyable phenomenon, but neither is the underlying reality of the Russian and the Chinese assertiveness on behalf of political, economic and social systems that, while not nearly as terrible as the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism of the yesterday, are nonetheless still inimical to our way of life and international security. And while the Comm-fucian China today in particular doesn’t kill millions of its own people on an ideological whim, what it gains in relative mildness it makes up in its increased reach and influence, thanks to the state capitalism-generated trillions. This makes Xi much more insidious a competitor than Mao.