ANALYSING CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA – If you read one thing about the controversy, read Chris Kavanagh in Medium:

If you follow the Guardian or the New York Times, or any major news network, you are likely to have noticed that a company called Cambridge Analytica have been in the headlines a lot.

The basic story as reported is as follows:

A shady UK data analytics company, with the help of a 24 year old tech genius developed an innovative technique to ‘hack’ facebook and steal 50 million user profiles. Then they used this data to help the Trump and Brexit campaigns psychologically manipulate voters through targeted ads. The result was Vote Leave ‘won’ the UK’s Brexit referendum and Trump was elected president in the US.

Unfortunately, almost everything in the above summary is false or misleading.

In summary, whatever real dodgy aspect to CA’s dealings was, the whole thing is yet another in a long list of straws that the left keeps clutching at in order to explain Hillary’s loss. For it is impossible – for one’s sanity and pride – to accept that Clinton might have been defeated by a reality TV clown fair and square. No, there must be some deep conspiracy, some devious machination behind the scenes that swayed the result, a sinister and invisible finger pressing on the scales. It’s easier to accept that one was unfairly, criminally or treasonously robbed than that one has put forward and supported a candidate so shit that she lost the unlosable election to an equally but differently shit candidate from the other side.