ANN COULTER REGRETSIn Trump We No Longer Trust:

Right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter, whose 2016 campaign book In Trump We Trust touted the many virtues of the Republican nominee, is having second, third, and possibly even fourth thoughts about Donald J. Trump.

“I knew he was a shallow, lazy ignoramus, and I didn’t care,” Coulter admitted to an audience largely composed of College Republicans and a few hecklers at Columbia University on Tuesday night.

It was the sort of anti-Trump invective that Coulter would share privately with pals, including this reporter, over a wine-soaked dinner during the first year of the new administration, but in recent weeks she has increasingly voiced her displeasure in public forums.

This time, Coulter—wearing her trademark slinky black cocktail dress, accessorized by a sparkling, handcuff-sized bracelet—repeatedly trashed her former hero during a supposed debate in Columbia’s Roone Arledge Cinema with her good friend, neoliberal blogger Mickey Kaus (modeling a plain blue suit and blue patterned tie).

Pretty much everyone knew that Trump was a shallow, lazy ignoramus, but many of those who voted for him chose to overlook it hoping that at least he might deliver on his promises. But character and temperament matter. Considering Trump’s history as a businessman and a public figure, his uncertain and malleable principles and beliefs, and the fact that he has spent his entire life as a New York Democrat, there were serious grounds for scepticism. Add to that the nature of the political system and the practice of politics in the 21st century, and disappointment was bound to happen.