DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DOThis is the technological equivalent of a restaurateur who never eats at his own venue:

Koduri and Shahi represent a new kind of Silicon Valley parent. Instead of tricking out their homes with all the latest technology, many of today’s parents working or living in the tech world are limiting – and sometimes outright banning – how much screen time their kids get.

The approach stems from parents seeing firsthand, either through their job, or simply by living in the Bay Area – a region home to the most valuable tech companies on Earth – how much time and effort goes into making digital technology irresistible.

2017 survey conducted by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation found among 907 Silicon Valley parents that despite high confidence in technology’s benefits, many parents now have serious concerns about tech’s impact on kids’ psychological and social development…

Former employees at major tech companies, some of them high-level executives,have gone public to condemn the companies’ intense focus on building addictive tech products.

The discussions have triggered further research from the psychology community, all of which has gradually convinced many parents that a child’s palm is no place for devices so potent.

Big part of the problem is that as a society we are forgetting the old maxim “everything in moderation”. The new technologies are rewiring our brains, particularly the more plastic and malleable brains of our children, and not particularly for the better. Facebook and the like are not only stealing your data (all quite legally – you have, after all, agreed to it) but also your attention span, as well as your mental agility. You don’t need to delete it to save yourself, your privacy and your sanity; just be mindful, sensible and strong.