I see a tweet like this and have three instant takeaways:

1. Twitter usership heavily skews left. Apart from tweets from Trump himself, I can’t think of many right-wing tweets that get more than 10,000 likes and 5,000 retweets. This one is approaching 180,000 likes and has over 60,000 retweets. This is merely an observation; I’m not insinuating there is anything underhand going on, like, God forbid, Russian bots or something else untoward rather than real people liking a real tweet from a real person. Good on Zack, who is a comedian, for being popular.

2. Large sections of the left not only continue to see Trump’s victory over Hillary as illegitimate but also as essentially inexplicable. It’s just impossible that Trump could have won unless there was something dark and mysterious going on that illicitly tipped the scales against the Democrats – Russians, hacking, fake news, Wikileaks, dodgy data mining companies like Cambridge Analytica. But the left will just as happily attack and devour one of their own icons of one of their key base industries, and so now the uber-liberal Saint Zuck of the Silicon Valley could well be in the cross-hairs; he might have not done it intentionally, but through his negligence “he ended up installing a fascist government in the most powerful country on earth”. Fly back to your home planet, “Mark”, while there is still time to escape the lynch mob. In the meantime, no one dares to think and admit that Hillary was simply the shittiest Democrat candidate possible who ended up losing (just) to the shittiest Republican candidate.

3. “Fascist government”. My eyes roll so far back that I can see my spine. I have written before about the fantasy of the #Resistance, or the problem of so many on the left getting off on the frisson of “living in the dangerous times” and giving their otherwise boring and empty lives some meaning by pretending they are a part of an apocalyptic struggle on par with World War Two. So I will leave “The Worst Generation” for another time. But to anyone who actually knows anything about history and politics this is a mind-boggingly stupid time to be alive.