“STRIP SEARCH” PART 2 – Still no answers, but more and more questions about the raid on Donald Trump’s lawyer, via Allahpundit at Hot Air:

Trump naturally blames Mueller for all of this, despite the fact that it was the U.S. Attorney’s office that sought the warrant. It was Mueller who referred the matter to them, of course. And it’s Mueller’s investigation that may benefit. Ken White explains why:

But consider this: The Stormy Daniels payout may be outside the scope of the Russia investigation, but it’s possible that Mr. Cohen’s records are full of materials that are squarely within that scope. And the law is clear: If investigators executing a lawful warrant seize evidence of additional crimes, they may use that evidence. Thus Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen, with their catastrophically clumsy handling of the Daniels affair, may have handed Mr. Mueller devastating evidence.

Stormygate gets the feds through the door of Cohen’s office. What they find there may end up being crucial to Russiagate.

Exit question: Why didn’t the U.S. Attorney seek approval from Jeff Sessions himself for the search warrant of Cohen’s properties? Sessions is recused from Russiagate but the Cohen raid, although potentially enormously important to Russiagate, wasn’t about Russiagate itself. That’s why Mueller handed it off to the U.S. Attorney, because it was outside the purview of his own investigation. Sessions therefore could have been consulted on it. Did Rosenstein decide to take the heat instead, fearing that Sessions would be fired if he signed off on the warrant? How does it benefit Mueller or the investigation if Rosenstein ends up being canned instead?

Mueller seems to be on a great fishing expedition here, using a matter completely unrelated to his Russian collusion remit. Let’s pray for the sake of the American system of government and the public faith and trust in the authorities that there was a very valid reason for this infringement of attorney-client privilege and that the seized documents really contain a Stormy Daniels bombshell that would justify the extraordinary action by the US Attorney.