“MEGAN MCARDLE IS A TROLL”– Megan McArdle braves the editorial pages of “The Washington Post” to argue that, while not morally equivalent, the discrimination, bias and prejudice that conservatives experience inside and at the hands of liberal institutions (education, media, entertainment, and so on) has the same group dynamics as the discrimination, bias and prejudice that minorities experience in our society. Her point is that we should all pause to recognise this fact and consequentially try to better understand each other:

This ought to give conservatives some insight into what the campus left is saying about race and gender. They should ask themselves whether their rage about Williamson is not, perhaps, similar to how underrepresented minorities feel about their experience in many other American institutions. And see if they don’t develop some sympathy for the occasionally vivid expressions of anger that erupt when people respond to minority complaints with “Sorry, that’s just how things are, and also, many of you deserve it.”

As for liberals: Well, guys, check your privilege. Try to really imagine what it might be like to have a conservative identity when cultural products almost all skew liberal. That is, to be one of the few acceptable villains for all the movies and jokes and television shows. To see your viewpoint systematically excluded and slighted. To have your daily life, your beliefs, routinely handled with ignorance and insensitivity.

It’s an interesting perspective, whether or not you agree with it. Its heart is certainly in the right place.

Alas, most of the 2000 plus comments by the readers demonstrate why McArdle’s vision of empathy and tolerance seems sadly utopia. Here’s a representative selection just from the very top:

Unlike the minorities’ circumstances you analogize yourself to, you feel isolated not because of arbitrary physical characteristics, but because you stubbornly hold onto ideas, values and attitudes most people find incompatible with living and life together in a civil society. You are an outsider unwilling to consider change. Righteous.

Both sides can only have constructive discussions when both admit that Trump is a serial liar. That’s why I can’t have discussions with Trump supporters.

The last time I had to hire somebody for my business I included the phrase “absolutely no trumpers” in the ad. In all caps. After all, if the right wing snowflakes want to moan and complain about how “persecuted” they are by the rest of us, might as well give ’em something to whine about. Besides, it’s a great way to weed out the riffraff – pillheads, slackers, bigots, wifebeaters, etc.

American media are owned by very, very conservative corporations — and just a few of them. Their corporate agenda is center-right. It’s conservative. The American establishment has ALWAYS been conservative. You can have all the so-called “liberals” you want holding down rank and file jobs, but they answer to conservative bosses, who answer to other conservative bosses, who answer to conservative ownership. Liberals don’t call the shots in ANY media, other than small niche outlets . . . and what counts for “liberal” in America is seen in other nations as “conservative” already.

Once again a right-wing ideologue is unwilling or unable to accept the reality that, rather than a “liberal bias” in media and education, those fields are based on finding facts. And FACTS tend to have what the right wing calls “a liberal bias.”

Oh, please. “Liberal hegemony in media”? Haven’t you ever accidentally switched your radio to AM and caught a piece of a conservative talk radio show? What about Fox News? Surely you’ve heard of them.

McArdle is a troll.

Trolling for understanding.