FACEBOOK VS THE DAILY CHRENK – Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by a few Senators about the political bias at Facebook, which results in right-of-centre members being kicked out, censored and shadow banned (being made largely invisible to your friends and followers) through both explicit actions of human beings at Facebook and through the nefarious workings of Facebook algorithms.

The case of pro-Trump social media celebrities Diamond and Silk has been cited ten times during the hearing as an example of Facebook’s treatment of conservatives (the sisters have been temporarily kicked off the platform and have experience other problems). Having their name taken in vain apparently has not helped in getting a better treatment from the social media platform:

While at The Daily Chrenk we wish we were cursed with having 1.5 million fans of our Facebook page (only 1,499,268 to go), (the royal) we have certainly noticed a trend where the numbers of eyeballs reached with each new post continue to fall despite a steady number of likes and shares these posts enjoy. These are the statistics for the most recent substantive posts on TDC Facebook page:


And here are some posts from the same time last year:


The Facebook algorithms discriminating against The Daily Chrenk and not displaying my posts in as many newsfeeds as before or The Daily Chrenk being more boring than one year ago? You be the judge.