INDIAN DATER FROM INDIANAPOLISAre unsuccessful dates refundable?

A woman has shared her horror online after being mailed an invoice for her half of a dinner date after she ‘ghosted’ the man because she felt they weren’t compatible.

Amanda Burnett, from Indiana, shared a photo of the invoice she received from the unnamed man on Twitter and Instagram, revealing an itemized list of everything she ate and drank during the meal, and the corresponding prices.

But while the 23-year-old seemed furious about receiving the bill, social media was split over who was actually in the wrong – with some insisting that she should indeed be forced to pay for her share if she didn’t feel that the relationship was worth pursuing and couldn’t take the time to tell him that.


The short answer is no. If you are a traditional guy, you pay for the (first) date. If you and your date are modern people and agreeable, you split the bill. If you are a soy boy, you accept the woman shouting you the date. That’s the end of it. The fact that the date has not turned out as successful as you hoped for or is not going to lead to another one in the future are no reasons to revisit the original bill. There are no implied contracts or warranties in dating – and your date is not a personal injuries lawyer with “no win, no fee” payment arrangements. If you are too dumb or too cheap to understand that, you shouldn’t be dating.