LEST WE FORGET YASSMIN ABDEL-MAGIED HERE SHE IS AGAIN – Like Helen of Troy, Yassmin is a turban that launched a thousand tweets. Last year she was one, this year there will be an army of Yassmins, thanks to Sally Rugg (“LGBTIQ activist, writer + speaker. Former campaign director @GetUp, about to start as national director for @Change.org. This is a personal account. I’m gay.”):


I don’t know; it would show that there are thousands of lefties trying to politicise another public occasion and appropriate it for their unrelated political causes?

Yassmin, needless to say, is wholly onboard:


Will Yassmin “apologise unreservedly” on the thousands’ behalf too, come the ANZAC Day?

Later Sally “explained” her brilliant idea:


I’m not sure what the point was other than injecting refugee politics into commemoration of the war fallen, and judging from the comments, no one else had a clue either. Finally, when “The Australian” reported on the (non-)story:


That you annoy people when you try to hijack a day they remember their relatives who served and died – there is nothing truly extraordinary about this experiment. Perhaps Change.org is over-paying here for Sally’s expertise.