GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHO’S GOOD OR NAUGHTY – Last month I wrote about the soft Orwellian system of social control that the Chinese communist government are introducing. It’s called social credit system, and your access to public and private goods as a citizen is determined by the score you earn based on your attitudes and behaviour. That’s right, in China you cannot rate the government but the government can certainly rate you. This is how it’s working out in practice:

When Liu Hu recently tried to book a flight, he was told he was banned from flying because he was on the list of untrustworthy people. Liu is a journalist who was ordered by a court to apologize for a series of tweets he wrote and was then told his apology was insincere.

“I can’t buy property. My child can’t go to a private school,” he said. “You feel you’re being controlled by the list all the time.”

And the list is now getting longer as every Chinese citizen is being assigned a social credit score — a fluctuating rating based on a range of behaviors. It’s believed that community service and buying Chinese-made products can raise your score. Fraud, tax evasion and smoking in non-smoking areas can drop it.

Wouldn’t the Western left just love to have a similar system here. That’s demerits point for you if you post “fake news” on social media, own a gun, don’t recycle and use too much electricity. Yet another reason I believe that small government is a good government. Or, in other words, if you want the government to be your mommy and your daddy, don’t be surprised when it grounds you, takes away phone and tells you what you can’t watch.