WHO KILLED THE PROM QUEEN? – Welcome to our new woke times, when wearing a traditional Chinese dress to a prom can get you crucified on social media.

Little did Keziah suspect that her dress choice will get cyber bullied by people who I’m sure otherwise frown on anyone shaming women for what they wear:



Like any other cultural Marxist scare, cultural appropriation is all about the exercise of power. As such, like any other cultural Marxist scare, it’s an evil that lives exclusively in the hearts of white people, since they are the only ones with power.

Personally, I don’t give a toss if a Chinese person, for example, ironically or not wears the Cracovian folk costume for their prom or dress-up party. But that’s not cultural appropriation anyway, because Cracovians are white and powerful, and cultural appropriation goes only one way.


Maybe Keziah should have just worn a burqa.