IRAN LIED, NO ONE DIED (YET) – Perhaps more interesting than the content of the treasure trove of secret nuclear documents from Iran is how the Israeli intelligence managed to find and smuggle them out.

Israel has accused Iran of lying to the world about its nuclear weapons programme both before and since the 2015 nuclear deal after Israeli intelligence stole 100,000 files from a secret “atomic archive” in Tehran

Mr Netanyahu said the 55,000 pages and 55,000 electronic documents had been secreted out of an archive in the Shorabad district of southern Tehran. “Few Iranians knew where it was, very few, and also a few Israelis,” he said.Mr Netanyahu said Israeli spies had pulled off one of their “biggest-ever intelligence achievements” by getting the files out of Tehran but gave no details about how they ended up in Israeli hands.

The files  were from “Project Amad”, which Mr Netanyahu said was a secret Iranian programme to develop nuclear weapons. Iran’s leaders have said consistently that they did not want a nuclear bomb and that their nuclear intentions were entirely peaceful.

Project Amad was shelved in 2003 but elements of it secretly continued and remain functional to this day under the direction of the same Iranian scientists who conducted the original research, Mr Netanyahu said.

No smoking gun there, but enough smoke to suggest there is fire. Most likely the mullahs’ pants.