APPROPRIATE THIS! – A little over a week ago, 17-year old Keziah Daum wore a traditional Chinese dress to her prom. Because people are awful and their awfulness is amplified by the power of the social media, Keziah was subsequently subjected to an online mob attack accusing her of racism and “cultural appropriation” (she’s not Chinese). The story has now made it to most of the major news outlets around the world. All about a prom dress.

But as “South China Morning Post” now reports, there are a lot of Chinese who are having trouble figuring out just what’s wrong with those crazy white devils:


As one Twitterati commented:

This is the nub of the problem. The immigrant generation is happy to be in their new home and wants to fit in, work hard and realise their dreams for themselves and their children. The first generation, however – those who migrated as children or who were born in the new country – have been exposed to the Western education system and popular culture, both filled with toxic self-loathing, guilt and hostility to one’s own society. And so the first generation learns all about the dark history of their current home, about the evils of the political, social and economic system in which they now live, and – most importantly – how they are the victims of injustice, oppression and bigotry inherent in the society. Quite simply, the children of migrants get poisoned by cultural Marxism. And so we end up with a conflicted and resentful cohort that does not truly feel at home anywhere. Some of them end up going to Syria to fight with ISIS, while others absorb the trendy jargon of our universities and spout nonsense about cultural appropriation, structural racism, and assorted phobias and supremacies.

Keziah, by the way, remains unapologetic.