BELATED HAPPY MAY DAY – My childhood memories of the 1st of May – compulsorily attending workers marching past the tribune-ful of communist party dignitaries – are rather tedious, as you can no doubt imagine and sympathise. But I don’t have anything against the celebrations of May Day or Labo(u)r Day; working men and women and the trade unions, knock yourself out.

But then there is this:

Protesters marked International Workers’ Day with a rally in¬†London’s Trafalgar Square today, with some marchers holding up pictures of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

And this:

Masked anarchists have smashed windows and looted a McDonald’s as thousands brought carnage to Paris in May Day protests.

The far-Left agitators chucked petrol bombs through windows and torched cars while others clashed with police.

Some threw rocks at cops in the French capital, who responded with tear gas, as the protest marches to mark¬†International Workers’ Day turned violent.

Dramatic pictures show demonstrators wearing masks as they shatter windows at McDonald’s before setting it on fire.”Anti-Capitalist” looters then helped themselves to food and drinks before grabbing cash from broken tills on the charred floor.

Blazing cars can also be seen after thousands flooded the streets to march for the rights of workers around the world.

Nothing says workers rights like a burning car.

Don’t you just wish all those courageous communists and anarchists would one year take a May Day holiday in Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea and show their enthusiasm where it would really be appreciated?

P.S. Ilya Somin at The Volkh Conspiracy continues his campaign to make May 1 the Victims of Communism Day.