EVEN A BROKEN CLOCK… – Exposed to the fresh air of New Zealand, Hillary Clinton takes a break from blaming everyone and everything for her election loss to identify some real international deplorables:

Hillary Clinton has sounded the alarm over foreign interference by China.

Speaking on a tour in Auckland, the Democratic presidential candidate urged us to take the rising superpower more seriously.

“In Australia and here in New Zealand experts are sounding the alarm about Chinese efforts to gain political power and influence policy decisions,” she said.

She also praised Anne-Marie Brady, a New Zealand academic who has conducted extensive work on China’s global influence campaign.

“Anne-Marie Brady of the University of Canterbury has rightly called this a new global battle, and it’s just getting started. We need to take it seriously.”

Earlier this year, Ms Brady said her home was broken into, and three laptops, two mobile phones and an encrypted memory stick from her last trip to China were taken.

“I had a break-in in my office last December. I received a warning letter, this week, that I was about to be attacked. And yesterday I had a break-in at my house,” she told Canberra officials, according to the New Zealand Herald.