HEALTH WARNING – DO NOT TRY TO BREACH A HEAVILY DEFENDED BORDER – Another day, another protest on the border between Gaza and Israel, except this time at least 50 Palestinians dead from the Israeli army live fire. It’s a tragedy, both in a sense that human life lost needlessly is a tragedy and the fact that Hamas is willing to sacrifice a seemingly limitless number of its people to make a point. This is asymmetrical warfare continued: the Palestinians have no chance of a military victory over Israel and can only hope for a propaganda one. Hence organising “peaceful” protests where some 40 thousand of Palestinian men and boys try to storm and breach through the border fence to wreak havoc inside Israel (never mind the reports that armed Hamas fighters are always on stand-by behind the crowd to take advantage of any eventual breach and storm into the Jewish state). Hamas is using willing Palestinians the same way that the German used unwilling Poles tied to the front of their tanks during the Warsaw Uprising to make the Polish fighters hesitate before firing. But unlike the Germans, Hamas doesn’t mind if the other side fires or not; they win either way – if the Israelis hold back and Palestinians crash through the border, Hamas scores a propaganda victory, if the Israelis use strong force and Palestinians are killed in large numbers, Hamas scores a different propaganda victory. Hamas might not have much by way of resources, but it has plenty of bodies to spare to get martyred in the course of destroying the “Zionist occupation” state.