“AN ELITIST SHIT DEN OF HATE” – No, not a review of The Daily Chrenk:

A debate in Palo Alto over permits, traffic, and safety turned into frenzy of internet warfare after unsavory tweets from an associate pastor were leaked to the city’s website.

The recovered tweets were posted on a¬†public document¬†addressing the city’s latest council hearing, in which the city and the First Baptist Church of Palo Alto sparred over permission to lease the church to outside tenants as a community center.

On his public Twitter account, which has since been removed, the Rev. Gregory Stevens called the city “an elitist sh** den of hate,” and “disgusting.” Stevens also lambasted the city’s “social justice” on Earth Day, calling it a “f****** joke” and criticized the church’s elderly community.

The associate pastor (or a former one, as Stevens has since resigned) is right, though his righteous anger is a bit too angry. Oases of liberal elitism like Palo Alto are high on (secular) preaching and also high on hypocrisy.