GUYS AND DOLLS – Apropos my blog earlier in the week “Are Thomas and Winnie Safe?” about the efforts of gender warriors to treat all the differences between the (two) sexes as socially constructed and thus able to be deconstructed and then reconstructed to achieve a complete equality, a long piece by Toby Young discussing some of the most recent science about the biological differences between men and women and what it all means:

Whether it’s the new genetics or cutting-edge neuroscience, the egalitarian left is on a collision course with science.

Read as a supplement to my blog post, where for the sake of brevity I did not go into the science aspects of the debate. Different, of course, does not mean better or worse, and does not prevent us from treating people fairly and as equals. What it does instead is to caution us against the headlong and radical pursuits of revolutionary change and social engineering, which are premised on the infinite sameness as well as infinite malleability of the human clay.