LOVE ME TENDER, LOVE ME LEFTPretty representative:

A survey conducted by the student newspaper at Dartmouth College reveals that Democrat students are much more likely than their Republican peers to let politics influence who they would date, befriend, or even trust.

Among Democrats, 82% said they would be reluctant to date a conservative, and 55% said it could affect their friendships.

Conversely, 42% of Republicans expressed aversion to dating a liberal, and just 12% named political differences as an obstacle to friendship.

It’s rather sad that one side of politics is so much less open to having meaningful relationships with people of other political beliefs, but it accords with my dating and life experience. I have dated and am friends with many women who could be broadly described as being on the left, yet they represent a minority who would consider it in the first place, knowing my reputation as a fascist and a bigot.

I have blogged about the issues surrounding inter-political dating and relationships many times in the past (here, here and here). It’s not necessarily easy and it’s not necessarily for everyone; like tends to attract like since most of us are most comfortable around the familiar, and ideological differences clearly have the potential to be one more source of conflict within a couple, but politics are not and should not be the be-all-end-all of life.

The results above are yet another illustration of the old adage that the right thinks the left is wrong and the left thinks the right is evil. Both sides of politics are passionate about their own beliefs and their opposition to others’, but the left tends to a lot more, dare I say it, dehumanise the other side. It’s their right and their choice, but also their loss in allowing politics to so comprehensively dictate their personal choices to the exclusion of the half of the population. Just ask my open-minded friends.