WE’RE NOT WORTHY – Ironically at “The New York Times”, Maureen Down finally realises she has disappointed Barrack Obama. We all did:

As president, Obama always found us wanting. We were constantly disappointing him. He would tell us the right thing to do and then sigh and purse his lips when his instructions were not followed.

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected, Rhodes writes in his new book, “The World as It Is,” Obama asked his aides, “What if we were wrong?”

But in his next breath, the president made it clear that what he meant was: What if we were wrong in being so right? What if we were too good for these people?

“Maybe we pushed too far,” the president continued. “Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.”

So really, he’s not acknowledging any flaws but simply wondering if we were even more benighted than he thought. He’s saying that, sadly, we were not enlightened enough for the momentous changes wrought by the smartest people in the world — or even evolved enough for the first African-American president.

“Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early,” Obama mused to aides.

We just weren’t ready for his amazing awesomeness.

Just like the first time, when in 2008 God sent His other Son, we didn’t listen, didn’t appreciate Him enough, and in the end we… well, we didn’t exactly crucify Him; He was, after all, twice elected the President of the United States. Maybe Trump’s election was a bit of a miniature personal crucifixion, a repudiation of Obama’s style and legacy, but it just as easily might be seen as not that at all, but instead a repudiation of the woman that Obama Himself trashed in 2008 during the Democratic primaries. So really, Obama, Trump, and the American voters have that all in common. It wasn’t really Donald, it was Hillary who nailed His hands and feet and pierced His side by being such an awful follow-up act, not going to Wisconsin, and allowing Hope to get trampled by the Deplorables. Either way, we didn’t deserve Him and disappointed Him in the end, one and all.

Dowd, by the way, loves Obama and would still vote for him in a heartbeat; this ain’t a Fox News take-down.

Speaking of the Clintons, Bill, who just co-authored a political thriller with the world’s bestselling writer James Patterson,* had this to say about Trump’s mean twitting style:

“I don’t like all this. I couldn’t be elected anything now ’cause I just don’t like embarrassing people. My mother would have whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time badmouthing people like this.”

Yes, Bill, that’s exactly the reason you would not get elected nowawdays. Not the long list of sexual assault and harassment allegations and extra-marital affairs in the middle of the global #MeToo moment; you are just too damn nice.

We are truly unworthy of these higher beings, who for a brief and shining moment have graced us, mere mortals, with their presence, wisdom and blessings. Barack and Bill, forgive us, for we know not what we’ve done.

*titled “The President is Missing”. I wonder if they looked under the desk in the Oval Office?