THE RUSSIANS HAVE THE WAYS TO MAKE YOU SMILEAs Lil’ Kim discovers on a state visit:

A Russian TV station appears to have Photoshopped a smile onto North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un in a news report.

The dictator met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Pyongyang on Thursday, just weeks before a planned meeting between the US and the North Korean regimen, reports The Sun.

Although Kim did crack a smile during other parts of the meeting, the photos and footage of the moment he posed for the cameras during a handshake with Lavrov show him stony-faced.

But a segment about the meeting during the program “News of the Week” on pro-Putin TV station Russia 1 featured a still of Kim smiling alongside Lavrov.

It’s a progress from the previous Russian practice of retouching photos to remove the purged officials. Now all they do is to remove your frown.