CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER – One of the giants of the modern American conservative commentariat is leaving us:


We should all wish we can write that last paragraph ourselves when our time comes.

Krauthammer was one of the first opinion-writers on the right I started reading when I became interested in conservative politics and ideas in my second year at university, some twenty-five years ago. He was my gateway drug to “National Interest”, “The American Spectator” and other publications and forums. Judging by the public reactions today, he remains one of the most respected and best loved of conservative intellectuals and writers who has influenced generations of activists and publicists.

As always, there is a fortunately small minority of small people who are rejoicing in his cancer diagnosis and imminent passing. If your first inclination is to preemptively dance on the grave of someone you disagree with politically, you have some serious issues. Everyone else, don’t be that person. Krauthammer was one of the most civil, respectful and reasonable advocates of American conservatism, as far away as you can get from name-calling, shrillness, vulgarity and lack of class that many associate with some of the newer strains of anti-leftism, like alt-right, Trumpism, or pop-nationalism. That even such genteel conservatism can make some people lose their minds indicates that it’s not the style and presentation but the very ideas that these unfortunate people consider evil and beyond pale. I fear that as the time goes by this becomes ever less an outlier position.