WALLS, NOT BRIDGES – Apparently only the West needs to have open borders.

Item 1:

Turkey has completed the construction of a 764-kilometer (475-mile) concrete wall along its border with Syria, according to a Turkish official on Saturday

TOKI, the state backed housing developer, built 564-kilometer (350-mile) section of the wall, while the governorates of the border provinces built 200 kilometers (124 miles), the official told Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity.

Ankara had launched the construction project in 2015 to build an 826-km (513-mi) wall on the Syrian border, as part of Turkey’s measures to increase border security and combat smuggling and illegal border crossings.

Turkey shares a 911-kilometer (566-mile) border with Syria, which has been embroiled in a civil war since 2011.

The wall was sealed along Turkey’s border provinces of Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis, Hatay, Mardin and Şırnak.

The official added the state housing developer’s construction of a 144-kilometer wall on its Iranian border had almost completed.

Item 2:

Saudi Arabia’s deadline for accepting tenders to dig a 60-kilometre canal that will turn Qatar into an island will be June 25.

Five international companies with expertise in digging canals have so far submitted their tenders for the Salwa canal inside the territories of Saudi Arabia and alongside the Saudi-Qatari borders. The name of the winner will be announced within 90 days and the company will have one year to complete the task, Saudi daily Makkah has reported.

The planned canal, expected to cost SR2.8 billion (Dh2.74 billion), will stretch from Salwa to Khor Al Adeed, and will be 200 metres wide and 15 to 20 metres deep, allowing ships up to 295 metres long and 33 metres wide to navigate it.

When you’re too cool for a mere wall, you build a moat. Take note, Donald.

Personally, I think that good fences make good neighbours, at least until neighbours know and trust one another enough not to abuse one another’s hospitality – see the Schengen Area agreement in Europe, though note that as a consequence of the refugee crisis and the terrorist threat, six of its 26 members have imposed some temporary emergency restrictions.