NO, YOU JUST WEREN’T THAT FUNNY IN THE FIRST PLACE – The overwhelmingly liberal comedians used to really enjoy having Trump to kick around in 2015-16. Imagine (or recall) all those endless jokes about the dumb and vulgar mogul! The hair! The small hands! The reality TV! The vocab! The style! The family! The policies!

Not any more, apparently:

Actor and Grammy Award-winning comedian Patton Oswalt said President Trump is the “worst thing for comedy right now”…

“Trump is the worst thing for comedy right now because the longer he stays in office, the more tense and angry and on edge everyone is, so we’re going to hit a point – we haven’t hit it yet – where even bringing him up, people are just going to be like, ‘I am exhausted. I don’t want to hear this anymore.’ Except if you don’t bring it up, that’s also going to seem weird because people are like, ‘But don’t you – there’s all this,’ like, they’ll see the eight horrible things he’s done,” Oswalt said during a Washington Post Live discussion last week about free speech in comedy.

The worst thing for comedy right now are the comedians who just aren’t that funny since a) they decided their true calling is as the voice of the voiceless masses speaking truth to power, and) the left’s commitment to political correctness and identity politics has removed large segments of life from the purview of comedy and has turned the reminder into a minefield. And yeah, lots of these guys and gals weren’t all that hot to start with – but it’s easier to blame Trump for that too.