Reuters Reuters on the wall, which countries are the worst for women of them all?


This is more than just stupid, it’s actually obscene:

A 2018 survey… conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation found India to be the most dangerous country in the world for women.

Afghanistan and Syria followed in second and third, respectively—and the only Western nation to break the top 10 is where I’m presently seated: the United States of America.

Truly? At number 10? But it gets better (or worse):

The U.S. ranked “joint third” with Syria when participants were asked where women are most at risk for sexual harassment, violence and coercion, which Reuters attributes to the #MeToo movement.

Let me repeat that: the top three countries where, according to the survey, women are most at risk of sexual violence and harassment are: 1) India, 2) Congo, 3) Syria and the United States.

Yep. Of all the countries in the world.

But how was that survey conducted?

We contacted 548 experts focused on women’s issues including aid and development professionals, academics, health workers, policymakers, non-government organisation workers, journalists, and social commentators.


So it’s not based on official government or NGO data. It’s not even based on self-reported data, obtained by asking a representative sample of women from around the world.

No, it’s 548 women’s issues experts.

To be more precise, 548 experts “with an even geographic spread across 5 regions – Europe, Africa, the Americas, South East Asia, South Asia and the Pacific. This approach was designed to ensure a fair geographical spread of respondents from both developing and developed countries.”

I can only conclude that:

1. The American experts are batshit crazy if they believe that the conditions in their country for women are worse than in 183 other UN member countries (which conditions were assessed based on six criteria: the standard of and access to health care, discrimination, cultural traditions, sexual violence, non-sexual violence, and human trafficking).

2. The non-American experts are either batshit crazy too and/or have been so overwhelmed and brainwashed by the feminist propaganda emanating from the United States, which portrays their country as some sort of a Handmaid’s Tale dystopian nightmare, that they actually believe it.

3. Both attitudes represent a total lack of common sense, awareness, and ability to compare, contrast and contextualise. They also represent shocking self-absorption and callousness towards others by the American experts who think that their female compatriots are in a worse position than women in just about all of the developing world, including countries torn apart by conflict and civil war. That’s right, according to American feminists, Harvey Weinstein is a bigger menace to women than the Taliban.

Average, non-expert women living throughout the rest of the world, from Guatemala through South Africa to Cambodia, must be shaking their heads in disbelief – or would, if they knew or cared about this bizarre “survey”. But, instead, they’re all too busy trying to get, whichever way, legally or illegally, into this hell on earth that is the United States of America. Don’t they know that it’s the American women who should be seeking an asylum in their countries. Or would, if they presumably haven’t been chained up in dungeons and kitchens all over the US.

Meanwhile, when you look at the actual data as opposed to interviewing “experts”, you get slightly different results. For example, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2017:


Or the ten worst countries in the UN’s Gender Development Index:


Or international NGO One’s list of “20 toughest places to be born a girl”:


Or perhaps the list of 20 worst countries for spousal abuse (via World Atlas):


Well, never mind; the women’s issues experts have spoken. How can you possibly ever doubt in the future this fine group of intelligent people who exhibit such impeccable judgment and wisdom?