FROM CHINA WITH LOVE – This is very disturbing:

A NSW Labor MP has come under fire over an extraordinary speech promoting China which an academic claims is “propaganda from Beijing” — in which he says the existing world order “favours” the West and China will demand a change.

Upper House MLC Shaoquett Moselmane is the second Labor politician in recent weeks to be in the spotlight over perceived Chinese influence, following claims Australian intelligence agencies were concerned that ALP Ernest Wong was being “cultivated” by Beijing. It is not suggested Mr Wong knew he was being targeted.

From Moselmane’s speech:

China cannot continue to rise the way that it has within a West-designed world order, in a Western-designed global financial system, and in a West-controlled international legal trade structure dominated and controlled by Western powers….

The only way for China to reach its potential is for China to force a change to the rules and create a new world order… The rules have to change…

[China] needs greater control of the global media which it plans. Global media and the engine of social media are in the hands of China’s opponents. The Arab Spring has seen the power of Western propaganda satellites in manipulating and misinforming the public leading the Arab world to chaos and the result has been death and destruction. Today China has been able to block that intrusion into China’s internal affairs….

A quick reminder: China is not a democracy. It’s an illiberal state with hegemonic ambitions. It’s probably inaccurate to call it communist anymore – it used to be a Marxist-Leninist regime but it has largely ditched Marxism in favour of a weird quasi corporate, not-quite-free market economy, but it has certainly retained Leninism, as far as the leading role of the party. Why would anyone living in a Western democracy be cheering the rise and rise of such a state, its ambitions to become a superpower, and to create a new world order made in its image? How much do you hate your own society to say with a straight face that China “needs greater control of the global media”?

P.S. On a related matter, from the friend of TDC, Gary Scarrabelotti:

John Lord, Huawei’s Australian Chairman recently told the National Press Club that he’d refuse any instruction from Beijing “to hand over Australian customers’ data in a bid to ease concerns over draconian Chinese intelligence laws that demand that Chinese companies co-operate with authorities.”

Lord, a retired senior naval officer, was angling for Huawei to be a trusted supplier of equipment to the construction of Australia’s planned 5G wireless network.

Well, if Huawei gets to play a major role in supplying core bits of the new 5G system, Beijing won’t be demanding customer data from John Lord. It won’t need to.

Lots of people really don’t know how China works. Read on.