NAZI CHILDREN’S BOOKS – “The Daily Beast” investigates:

Despite its own policies against hateful content, Amazon still sells racist products — some of them marketed at children, a new study finds.

Baby onesies featuring a burning cross, swastika necklaces, and “costumes” depicting a black man being lynched have all found a recent home on Amazon, according to a new study by the Action Center on Race and the Economy and the Partnership for Working Families. The study also found a trove of white supremacist literature that has been created on Amazon’s publishing platform. Those products lingered on the site despite Amazon’s policy prohibiting “products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views,” the company states on its website…

Retailers aren’t exactly hiding their Nazi products. A “leather WWII German Waffen SS” replica hat was allowed on the site, despite it being modeled after Nazi uniforms, the study found. The same goes for a swastika necklace, Nazi swords, and paraphernalia with the “Totenkopf,” a Nazi skull logo that has since been adopted by violent neo-Nazi groups.

A number of those products were marketed at children, including a series of custom Legos modified to look like Nazi troops, and a “for girls” backpack featuring Pepe, a cartoon frog that has become a symbol of the far right. The Pepe on the girls’ backpack is wearing a Nazi SS cap. Other Pepe products flagged in the study include a Pepe-fied Donald Trump children’s backpack and a baby romper featuring Pepe in a turban and thick beard for an anti-Muslim variant on the meme. Baby rompers featuring burning crosses, images often associated with the Ku Klux Klan, were also available.

Amazon also hosts neo-Nazi children’s literature.

When I read this sentence my first thought was this:


But apparently not.

The study found Amazon selling physical and Kindle versions of The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens, a children’s book by George Lincoln Rockwell, the late founder of the American Nazi Party.

You won’t find me arguing about the good taste of the above mentioned products. What sort of a sick so-and-so puts their baby in a burning cross onesie? (rhetorical question; we know the answer). Amazon, being a private business, is also quite entitled to have and enforce rules about what it wants to retail through its online store.

Instead, like a broken record, let me return here to my old pet peeve about the double standards.

Like these:


This is just a small selection of all sorts of communist paraphernalia featuring red stars, hammers and sickles – even the KGB name is Roman and Cyrillic alphabets – available currently on Amazon (including communist children’s books). All these are hateful to at least some of the relatives of the 100 or so million people of various nationalities murdered or starved to death in the past century by regimes waving the red flags – not to mention to decent people around the world who have not been personally affected by the crimes of communism, the same way decent people shudder when they see a swastika or the runic SS symbol.

In this context, the only difference between communism and Nazism is that communism has been much more successful and survived until relatively recently. So unless you’re as offended by a swastika necklace as you are by a hammer and sickle one, spare my your sanctimony.