PRO-ABORTION WOMEN GO ON A SEX STRIKEWith an added Judge Judy emoji:

Pro-choice campaigners have called on women to withhold sex from anyone who is anti-abortion.

Jennifer Wright, political editor of Harpers Bazaar US, launched an online movement encouraging women to make it clear that they are not interested in men who are pro-life.

Women have started adding an emoji of a female judge to dating profiles to send the message that they “support a woman’s right to choose”.Her campaign comes amid concerns for many pro-choice supporters that President Donald Trump could replace the recently-retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy with a conservative nomination.


A sex strike seems somewhat presumptuous – only those workers who produce something that consumers want have enough bargaining power to go on strike. In other words, if a tree falls in a forest (because it has no roots) does anyone hear it?*

[Says Wright:] “Sex strikes like these have proven surprisingly effective at creating political change through history.”

She then used the tag #Lysistrata2018 – which refers to a Greek play by Aristotle in which women withhold sex from their partners in order to stop the war.

Really? Name any sex strike in history, which actually created political change.

*except now, when every tree has got its own Twitter account.