THE SOCCER HOTTIE BANMaybe they can wear burqas instead:

FIFA is cracking down on broadcasters targeting “hot women” at World Cup matches in a push to tackle sexism in football.

It is common practice for broadcasters to pick attractive female fans from the crowd and zoom in on them during cutaways.

Speaking before England’s semi-final loss to Croatia, FIFA diversity boss Federico Addiechi called out the unacceptable behaviour.

“(FIFA will) take action against things that are wrong,” he said.

“We’ve done it with individual broadcasters. We’ve done it with our host broadcast services.”

Oh for God’s sake, low scoring 90-minute plus games can be difficult to watch as it is without the cameras wandering around in search of something more watchable than substitutions or the medical team called in to apply ice to another diver.

Coming next: media and entertainment not focusing on intelligent people so as not to discomfort the dumb and stupid.