DEAR DONALD, JUST STFU – This is pretty outrageous:

Yes, the first part of the tweet is correct (we’re talking about post-1991 independent Russia, not the Soviet Union era, when the relationship has been both much worse and much more dangerous at times). But the second part is pure, unadulterated BS. It’s not “many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity” but the fact that Russia is an authoritarian democracy with revanchist ambitions, whose interests are generally in conflict with those of Western democracies like the United States and its European allies, and whose actions often target our friends and support our enemies.

While I’m on the subject, welcome onboard dear left. It took decades to get you concerned about Russia, but I guess better late than never. If only we knew earlier that all it took was for your candidate to embarrassingly lose an unlosable election and then try to explain it in a way that lets the said candidate off the hook, we would have nudged you in that direction earlier.