WHITE DEVIL MADE ME DO ITColonialism – is there anything it can’t do?

A new taxpayer-funded report that claims domestic violence against indigenous women and children is caused by colonisation has been criticised as a kind of “white feminism” that excuses male violence in some cultures and ignores victims of domestic crises.

The national organisation Our Watch, funded by the commonwealth, state and territory governments, released a report yesterday examining ways to prevent family violence affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children that appears to blame settlement for contemporary violence.The organisation is chaired by Natasha Stott Despoja and has just two indigenous members on its board — Vicky Welgraven and Jeremy Donovan — alongside Lieutenant General David Morrison and former NSW Liberal MP Kerry Chikarovski.“While there is no one ‘cause’ of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, its three key underlying drivers can be understood as: the ongoing impacts of colonisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the ongoing impacts of colonisation for non-indigenous people and in Australian society and gendered factors,” the report says.“(This includes) both gender and inequality in a general sense, and specific gendered drivers of ­violence that are a consequence of colonisation.”

Indigenous women are 32 times more likely, and Indigenous men 23 times more likely, than their non-Indigenous peers to be hospitalised as a result of family violence because of the British colonialism, just like in the Middle East an Arab oppresses another Arab and keeps his wife illiterate because of Israel, and in Chicago a young black man guns down another young black man because of slavery. Don’t you just wish that the global disease that is white people would just one day completely vanish from the face of the Earth so that all the other races and ethnicities can hold hands and skip joyfully towards the rainbow?